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School Outing Fun at Artopia...

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Whether you are in a school or part of a home school program, we've got education and fun for you ...Your challenge! What project do I select?

For example:

1. Create your own Stop Motion Animation Movie!

Create a finished piece of computer animation using stop motion technology, the same software used in the Wallace and Gromit movies. You will develop a story, create your own characters, build your set, shoot the action, and see your very own class movie come to life.

2. Want a professional Artist to teach a class and help you start to draw?

School Outings Image

3.Or would you prefer to have an Animator show you how to draw character animation?

School Outings Image

Brian Lemay

School Outings Image

Jenn Llewellyn

School Outings Image

Donald Duck

Call us and we'll put a custom program together for your group (inside or outside) of regular hours.

Or we can offer our regular programs offering ceramic painting, clay, or glass fusing.

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