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Kids & Teens Art Classes at Artopia

Art Classes for Kids

Artopia offers Children’s Art Classes every Saturday and Thursday.

10 AM to 12 Noon or 1PM to 3PM
5-7 PM
Instructor: Colin Dubreuil

About Instructor Colin Dubreuil

Colin was born, raised, and educated in Calgary, Alberta. He completed a Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFA) with Distinction in 2010 from the University of Calgary. He also received a second degree in Zoology (BSc) in the same year.

Colin's interest in art began when he was young, and he nurtured his interest through various school programs throughout junior high and high school. His interest in an art degree was developed while attending Chinook College, where he discovered oil painting for the first time. Upon entering the Faculty of Fine Arts, Colin developed his skills in both drawing and painting. During his years at the University of Calgary, he also experimented with other mediums, including printmaking, photography, sculpture, and acrylic painting.

After finishing his degrees, Colin continued pursuing his technical development with various teachers and mentors. At this time, he began working in an art supply store, where he had the opportunity to further his knowledge of artist's tools and products. Colin was a leader with the Boy Scouts of Canada for several years, and has also taught guitar. His interest in teaching soon fused with his love of art, and he began teaching art to both children and adults in 2011.

Colin works primarily in oil and acrylic painting, though he continues to draw, and print as well. He enjoys painting a multitude of subject matter, including landscape, wildlife, and portraiture. His experience in the fine arts program at the University of Calgary also nurtured an interest in less conventional approaches to composition, color, and texture. He continually attempts to create art that is not only technically challenging, but that attempts to challenge the conventions of style.

Colin has taken part in multiple exhibitions held in the little gallery, and at the open space. He has also shown his work at the Nickel Arts Museum, and twice at the absolute art show held at Davis LLP. Besides his success in selling works through exhibitions, Colin has also done numerous commissioned pieces.


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